Smugglers Inn Best Of 2012 Podcast

by Hot Coins on January 11, 2013

2012 was a great year for underground dance music and I really enjoyed playing many of the tracks in this best of 2012 podcast at mad parties all over the world. That was my remit really for this year – I wanted to include tracks which have intense personal memories for me. I can clearly remember some of the totally off the hook DJ experiences of last year when I look at the tracklisting for the show. Opening with Bed Stuy Beat at 10am on a sunny July Sunday in Berlin midway through techno legend Woodys legendary 40th Geburtstag. Watching the dancefloor detonate to Burrowing by VVV at Mad Racket in Sydney in September. Testing people with Benga Benga all over the place and it NEVER failing.. I played it between heavy techno tracks at 8am in places and everyone still got it. Tender Leaves destroying Pratersauna in Vienna at 6am…

As ever a massive thanks to all the amazing producers who contributed their time and talent to 2012. Without their dedication there would be nothing decent to dance to, so please join me and salute them. Massive thanks to everyone who booked me last year too – and of course to everyone who bought my records, tuned in to the radio show and came to see me play. I am truly grateful and wish you all an amazing 2013!

The Smugglers Inn Best Of 2012 Podcast

1 – Homeboy Sandman – I Do Whatever I Want (Stones Throw)
2 – Mo Kolours – Banana Wine (One Handed)
3 – Kab Driver – Hares Gap feat Brian Greene (Airflex Labs)
4 – Soul 233 – Hand In Hand (Boe)
5 – Chicago Damn – Raw (Chicago Damn)
6 – Franklin De Costa – Purple Train (Cdr)
7 – Adrien De Valentin – Bumper Speigiel (Dharma)
8 – Debukas – Knowledge (2020 Vision)
9 – Mr Beatnick – Sun Godess (Don’t Be Afraid)
10 – Neon Jung – Delirium Tremens (Magic Wire)
11 – Carlos Nilmmns – N’oublions Pas (Smugglers Inn)
12 – Motor City Drum Ensemble – Space Cadets (K7)
13 – Conforce – 24 (Clone Basement Series)
14 – Raffertie – Brevity (Ninja Tune)
15 – Chairlift – I Belong In Your Arms (Gerry Read Remix) (Cdr)
16 – Arttu + Jerry The Cat – Nuclear Funk (A Made Up Sound Remix) (Clone Basement Series)
17 – Blacksmif – Microweight (Blah Blah Blah)
18 – Downtown Party Network – The Other Side (Best Kept Secret)
19 – James Duncan – Bed Stuy Beat (Spargel Trax)
20 – EnaWadan – Reborn (Tuff City Kids Acid Mix) (Sonar Kollektiv)
21 – Ajukaja – Benga Benga (Cdr)
22 – T Polar – Crossroads (PM Dub) (Rebirth)
23 – VVV – Burrowing (Other Heights)
24 – Frits Wentink – Marygohorse Two (Triphouse Rotterdam)
25 – Placeholder – Don’t U Know (Jacob Korn Remix) (Space Hardware)
26 – Red Rack’em – Chirpsin (Ramp Recordings)
27 – Erdbeerschnitzel – Tender Leaves (Mirau)


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James February 1, 2013 at 11:48 am

Really enjoyed this podcast, some absolute classix in there. Well done!

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