Smugglers Inn Podcast 13/12/12 with special guest Rick Wade (Detroit)

by Hot Coins on December 13, 2012

I never really considered how easy it is to actually have guests on the Smugglers Inn until recently. I live in Berlin, I am friends with quite a few really good DJs and producers who are always passing through the city… So why not meet up, press record, have a chat with them and include it on the show? So a month or so after featuring my first ever guest on the show (DJ Spider) I am really pleased to have the second interview on the show with the mighty Rick Wade.

Rick is behind some of the best deep house (and techno check out Prime Time) to come out of Detroit. He’s calmly been releasing high quality, melancholic yet smooth bangers since 1994 on labels such as Harmonie Park (his own imprint), Moods and Grooves and Yore. Rick is also a highly skilled DJ and I have been lucky enough to hear him play at some super dope parties over the years including Sud Electronic in London, Dommune in Tokyo and Watergate in Berlin (last week). I can’t stress how much Rick has influenced the current crop of house producer and I certainly wouldn’t have written tracks like Picnic and my remix of The Revenge if Rick hadn’t paved the way all those years ago. As we spoke for over an hour, I cut the interview into 2 chunks so I will broadcast the second half (which contains a hilarious story of how Rick met Theo) in a future show soon…

I want to say a big thanks to Rick for taking the time to talk about such in depth subjects and if you want to hear some of his current thoughts check out this brand new interview on teshno.

The Smugglers Inn Podcast 12/12/12

1 – HE3 Project – The Massage (Family Groove)
2 – Weedy Of 40 Winks – The Blue (Project Mooncircle)
3 – Trunoys – We Been Waitin’ (Lovemonk)
4 – Psychemagik – African Fever (CDR)
5 – Das Volt – Cruising (Late Night Audio)
6 – Timothy J Fairplay – Ferox (Tiago Remix 1) (Astro Lab)
7 – Rick Wade – I Do Believe (Harmonie Park)

Rick Wade Interview

Rick Wade Mix (Taken Ricks Mix Show on Detroit 95.5 FM from 06/11/10)
No Tracklisting

16 – Benjamin Brunn – May B (Third Ear)
17 – Recloose – Electric Sunshine (Andres Remix) (Rush Hour)
18 – Blacksmif – How The Fly Saved The River (Blah Blah Blah)
19 – The Cyclist – Visions (Leaving)
20 – Geiom – Rhode Rage (Frijsfo Beats)
21 – Seetheroad – Business End (Bergerac)
22 – Turtlez – I Want To Fly (Spandex Flapping Remix) (Scrufix)


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