Red Rack’em – All I Ever Wanted EP – Untracked (2010)

Well it’s been probably my most long awaited release since the Joubert Singers remix (which came out about this time last year). Don’t ask me why it’s taken so long but it’s finally here. Gilles Peterson played In Love Again on Radio 1 way back in September 2009 and since then I have had so many people contacting me asking when it’s coming out and some even asking to buy an mp3 off me!

Anyway, it’s a 3 track EP of beatdown house which I think is fairly banging despite all of the tracks being below 110bpm.

Red Rack’em ‘All I Ever Wanted’ by Red Rack’em

Red Rack’em ‘In Love Again’ by Red Rack’em

Red Rack’em ‘Beginning End’ by Red Rack’em

Red Rack’em – Nightshift EP – Undertones (2010)

This is my first release on a non UK label and has just been released in Feb 2010. Undertones is a Detroit based house and techno label. This EP is dedicated to working late and is pretty clubby. All of the tracks are a different style. Overtime is possibly my first ever techno release. DJ support from a wide variety of people including Laurent Garnier, Dixon, Osunlade, Harri, Deepchild, Slam, Fabrice Lig, Mark Farina, Atjazz, Tenaglia etc…

Red Rack’em ‘Nighshift’ by Red Rack’em

Red Rack’em ‘Overtime’ by Red Rack’em

Red Rack’em ‘Late One’ by Red Rack’em

The Revenge – Forever In Their Debt – Red Rack’em Remix – Home Taping (2009)

I was asked to remix The Revenges single on this first release on the new house label Home Taping Is Killing Music. I tried to make a track in 3 stages. The first bit is beatdown. Then it mutates into deep house. Then at the end it gets a wee bit detroit techno. This had DJ support from some varied corners including Ewan Pearson, Lawrence, Laurent Garnier and Jimpster.

The Revenge ‘Forever In Their Debt’ [Red Rack'em Remix] by Red Rack’em

Red Rack’em/Hot Coins – Place For Me/Chinese Electro – Autodiscoteque (2009)

This EP is meant to symbolize the difference between Red Rack’em and Hot Coins. The A side is peak time heads down cut up Motown house. The B side is early 80′s new wave goth electro.

Red Rack’em – Place For Me by Red Rack’em

Hot Coins ‘Chinese Electro’ by Red Rack’em

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Red Rack’em – Picnic EP – Deep Freeze (2009)

This is my first genuine house release which is over 120 bpm. The A side is called Picnic and it’s pretty deep – a Detroit influenced track which rolls along nicely. It kind of goes ‘doo der der’ – you will know what I mean if you check some soundclips. First up on the B side is a remix of Picnic by none other than The Revenge – he’s hotter than the sahara right now and has turns in a really cool, deep chugger which will keep you on hold nicely. Last up is the Gilles Peterson favourite Crowd Scene which contains live samples recorded and sourced from Detroit – oh yes – it’s defo on the beatdown tip this one with lots of cut up yelps and claps – and severe sub bass. It’s had DJ support from Gilles Peterson, Laurent Garnier, Chris Duckenfield, Ashley Beedle, Harri, Tensnake etc..

Red Rack’em ‘Picnic’ by Red Rack’em

Red Rack’em ‘Crowd Scene’ by Red Rack’em

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Joubert Singers – Hot Coins Remix – Tirk 02 Sampler – Tirk (2009)

This is the one that has caused all the fuss – the Larry Levan gospel disco classic is given the Hot Coins overhall and updated with a massive bassline and plenty of dubbed out delays. I was kind of reluctant to remix this track as it’s a bonafide stone cold classic. But it has been well received by plenty of people who love the original which is a good endorsement I reckon. Once again, Gilles Peterson has been a massive supporter of this track playing it several times on Radio 1. This is the lead track on the vinyl sampler for Tirk 02, the second Tirk label compilation which features the likes of Todd Terje, Chaz Jankel, Hercules and Love Affair and Richard Sen. The other tracks on the record are pretty tasty too with 40 Thieves remixing Morton Sorenson and 2 fresh productions from Drrtyhaze and Acos Coolkas. The vinyl sampler is out on Feb 16th and the CD album out the following week on Feb 23rd.

Joubert Singers – ‘Stand On The Word [Hot Coins Remix]‘ by Red Rack’em

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Rui Maia – Cantonese Man – Hot Coins Remix – Untracked (2009)

Rui Maia is a well known Portugese producer. I was asked to remix his track Cantonese Man by Untracked label bosses Atlantic Conveyor. The original is an 80′s tinged synthed out groover. I gave it a dubbed out dark Detroit twist. Rui’s tracks are also well worth checking. There’s the original mix of Cantonese Man and also Moroder I Believe In You. Both are solid synthy disco numbers.

Rui Mai ‘Cantonese Man’ [Hot Coins Re-fix] by Red Rack’em

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Hot Coins – Valiant Truth EP – Tirk (2008)

Continuing on the cosmic disco and wonky electro house tip – this 4 track EP was released in November 2008. Lead track Valiant Truth is a heavy synth driven stompy chugger which has been heavily supported by Gilles Peterson on Radio 1. Jazz Ending is a mad offbeat jerky electro disco number. Whole New Way is a raw broken soulful detroit tinged burner and the final track Favourite Effects sounds like Michael Knight jamming with Baldelli. To clarify these descriptions please check out the soundclips here – http://www.tirk-recordings.com/tirk039.php

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Hot Coins – You Can’t Pray For Your Soul/Christmas Day – Untracked (2008)

This came out in December 2008 on Atlantic Conveyors label Untracked. You Can’t Pray For Your Soul is proper slo mo beatdown house with quasi-religious vocal samples. Sounds like it was made in Detroit – was actually made in Nottingham. The first half of Christmas Day was written using jazz piano CDs picked out by my dad back at my parents house in Fife on Christmas Day 2007. This was the first time I had made music at their house since I left in 1994. The second half was written in Sep 2008 after I got back from Italy.

Hot Coins ‘You Can’t Pray For Your Soul’ by Red Rack’em

Hot Coins ‘Christmas Day’ by Red Rack’em

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Hot Coins – Lassaiz Faire EP – Society Recordings (2008)

The first EP of original material from Rack’em in his Hot Coins guise released on Solid States’ Sheffield based disco/house label Society Recordings. Record of the week at Piccadilly and DJ support from Prins Thomas, Chris Duckenfield, Toby Tobias, Domu, Atlantic Conveyor, Kelvin Andrews etc.. The first track Norway Man has been featured on Fred Deakins ‘Nu Balearica’ compilation which was released by Ministry Of Sound in June 2008.

Red Rack’em – Smugglers Inn Series – Red Rack’em Records

Chapters 1-5 released between 2004 and 2007

Acclaimed vinyl series of hip hop remixes of Yvette Michelle, Tweet, Missy, Nas, Busta etc in the vein of Yam Who and Blackbeard – awarded numerous ROTW by Piccadilly and Fat City – DJ Support and radio play from Yam Who, Unabombers, Ross Allen, Nextmen, Chris Duckenfield, Kid Sublime, Hint, Simon Harrison, Rune Lindbaek, Todd Terje, Diesler and many more.

Hot Coins Disco Edits – Rack’em Up Records

2 Volumes released in 2005-2006

Massive disco edits with DJ support and radio play from Carl Craig, Idjut Boys, Rune Lindbaek, Todd Terje, Jazztronik, Yam Who, Unabombers, Chris Duckenfield, Soul Mekanik, Diesler, Nick Matthews.


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